Friday, November 20, 2009

Phone Call from MTC

Yesterday, Mom received a surprising phone call from the MTC informing the family that Hermana Castillo has a stress fracture in her foot. She will be wearing a boot for 6 weeks, so no gaming people on the court during gym time for her anytime soon!

This will probably be hard on her since she is not one to sit still very long so please send your prayers and letters her way. Mom got to speak with Hermana Castillo for 15 mins. and one of the main things she said was to write. She loves receiving letters, especially from b/c she gets those on the days that they are sent.


  1. Ouch! Stress fracture is not fun. Are hand-written letters sent on the day of from the post-office just on the other side of 'the fence' (BYU) and guaranteed same-day delivery more prefered than

  2. She is able to get 2 times a day. She picks them up at noon and 5pm every day, but if your letters are guaranteed same-day delivery, it could be the same.