Thursday, November 19, 2009

Letter to Haley & Ammon

How are you guys! I love getting your letters! This is my second letter to you. I hope you got the 1st one. I sent it to G-ma Mable, but I think I have your address now! :) I read your letters to all my companions and they love them. You two should send me pictures of the last time we were together! Ask Mommy to help w/ that one! So Happy Birthday Ammon! I was so sad I couldn't be there! But I was so excited that you got so many cool Star Wars stuff! Did you save me any Birthday Cake? But it might not be good in two years!! :) So Soccer is almost done, are you guys sad about that? Soccer is so much fun! I loved watching you guys play and playing w/ you! When I get back I bet you guys are going to be professionals! But make sure that you practice all the time! Have Uncle Michael practice w/ you an dtell him if he doesn't, that he is a weenie-tadpole! :) So Ammon you got a medal! Awesome! You should send me a picture of you wearing it! So Haley are you still doing gymnastics? How is it going? How is 1st grade? Are your teachers nice? How are the kids in your class? Are they fun? (Denise ... Does any kid pick on my niece? Cuz being a missionary I get what I pray for immediately! So I will pray for that kid to get sand thrown in his face! :) Just a side note .. yes, I love my niece & nephew and no its not mean to pray for that, I'm simply asking God to protect the righteous! hehe :)

So Haley & Ammon, how is Reina doing? Are you still training her? So what new movies have you seen? How is Primary? Do you like having Mom in ther w/ you! Daddy used to teach primary before you were born! Wouldn't it be fun to have them both in there! YA! Pray for it! So I am working hard to be a good missionary! I want you guys to be proud of me, so I am studying Spanish hard and my church lessons. I love being a missionary! Its so much fun and they give me ice cream 2 times a week! (FYI I only eat it once a week cut I'm a health nut!) :) And I get to play in the gym 5 times a week & play "almost" anything I want! And your Aunt Amanda still beats the boys in all the sports! :) Well I have to go, but send me pictures of all your fun stuff. (I don't get it on the computer) :(

I love you guys so much! I think about you everyday & wish I could be at home w/ you giving you hugs & kisses and playing soccer & Star Wars w/ you! Pray for me that I will be a good missionary & that I will be safe!

With all the love in my heart,
Aunt Amanda

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