Friday, November 13, 2009

To Amanda's friends

Amanda has asked me to forward her emails on to you virtually unedited excepting the assigned lists of errands... (I thought when she left that I'd get my life back....hmmmm)

Regardless - you'll soon find two things in these missives:

1. Amanda refuses to spell check AND
2. I make liberal use of run on sentences sprinkled with generous quantities of ( ) parenthesis.

Be forgiving is a by-product of raising selectively deaf learns to compensate with audible Narrations to oneself..... translated to paper it looks like a ( ) parenthesis. So, skip through the bad spelling (she claims the Friday 1/2 hour email window is too limiting). But the truth is -

   Alphabetic dyslexia: is the resulting after effects of strenuous & frequent texting
                *(see - Urban Legends Reference Pages)*.

Anyway, you are now on the Argintina family 'forwards' whether you wanted to be or not :)

Until next time, Happy Thanksgiving!
Janina (Amanda's mom)

Homework for CARISSA - send me your mother's email address when you read this por favor.
On a more personal note: I wanted to compliment you on your attn. to detail when you sent me Amanda's unpaid $148.00 Verizon wireless phone bill, her empty bank statements & a Power of Attorney to act in her behalf. *grin* The more things change, the more things stay the same...


i love your letters and everyone in the really helps me a lot ...oh and write me ( before 12.30 your time on sat cuz i only get mail once a day on sat...its wierd but thats that....

Ok so that is the list now for my week....MTC life is great...its interesting, they have a nack for digging in you to pull out all of your talents and make you the best missionary comps are great...we are learning to work well together and by now we know eachothers stengths and the work is moving along.....spanish is hard!!!! im getting it but dang it there is soooo much to learn!! i have already been here for 5 weeks...they counted my first 3days here as a week!!!! so i only have 4 as for my visa. i went and signed a paper as my last step for it before i meet the council so that is a good sign. but apparently he is coming tomorrow and is only going to sign 30!!!!!! and the next time he is coming is in DEc to sign another 30...i hope that i can meet with him in Dec. if not then i will be reasigned like everyone else for a few weeks!!!! it stinks...but i am really ahead of everyone..most people have not had the paper signing like i did. That means that he looked at my paperwork and is in the prosses of signing it..So ya pray extra ahrd for me.!!!!!SO tell me what is going on with everyone...i hardly ever hear form Josh and Hemo( only once) and Don and mike are non exhistant!!! YOu ahve to tell me everything i am dying for some real news fro the out side i sent ammon and haley a letter a week ago did they get it...and i wrote to them 2 weeks ago are they not getting them!!! i spent a long time writting them... i am sending another one off today to them and should get it on tuesda or wed!!!so let them know that i think of them everyday and that i pray for them. I love them sooo much and love theri letters and hope they keep sending me some and some pictures...forward that to them and read it to them so they know i have been writting them and i do miss them sooo mcuh....So next thing...when do i get some picutes s a little sad i have to dream about you guys to see you...ilike tangable things kidding...but i love all the packages thatyou guys have been sending!!! and the nylons are great...but the thigh highs don't really stay up....i tape if you feel so inclined or inspired to send others that would be great full tights and knee highs...if you feel inspired.....i am writting everyone back that wrote me from the ward....and i love the i have to get going my time is up...but remind everyone to dear elder me and that i will be sending out letters on monday to them so they should be there by wed or thurs...thanks...and tell everyone that i love them so much

...loveyou bye amanda

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