Tuesday, May 25, 2010

National Holiday

Wanted to let everyone know that I am doing great but I don't have time to write today. It was a national holiday so all of the internet locations were closed. I was able to get in somewhere to send this quick email. Sorry, but I have to go work now. I love you all!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Week Full of Experiences

What an interesting week! We found some inactive families at the most random times ever. We were able to find one family that has been inactive for about 14 years. They told us that we came to their door two days after finding out that their daughter was murdered by her husband. The couple got into a fight and he killed her. He is now in jail, but the family is now stuggling with the after effects. On the same day that they returned home from the funeral and court, we knocked on their door. They instantly let us in and told us the story. We shared with them the plan of salvation and I shared some other scriptures to try and help them have hope. All in all, it has been very interesting. We are trying to help with anything they need and we have included the ward with bringing them back to church and making them feel right at home. They now asked us to teach two of their children, ages 13 and 11, because they are having a really hard time with the death of their sister. Down here when people die, they don't really take the time to cover up anything or try to hide the victim so I guess the whole family saw this horrid scene and now the little kids are having a really hard time. We will continue to assist in any way that we can by continuing to teach the children and really focusing on getting them through this. Things like this can scar their pure, precious minds and it makes me so sad to see what so many little kids experience and the many horrid things in this world.

The next family that we found had the mother leave unexpectedly the day before. This woman lived with her mother, father, brothers, sisters and her two children, a girl 16 and boy 14. She left a note on the table apologizing but stating that she had to leave. She asked for their forgiveness and said that she loves her kids. She told the grandparents that her kids are now theirs. This woman that left was a member and a convert of about 8 years. When we knocked on the door, the grandma answered. We talked with her for a bit and then she just started crying. We asked to come in and she invited us to do so. She then showed us the letter and explained everything. That night, we shared with her Ether 12, which is all about faith. We left her and said we would come back the next day and every day this week to help out. My comp and I prayed that the mother would at least call or write the family. When we stopped by the next day to chat with the grandma, we found her to be a completely different person. She had read the chapter and had prayed. She said that she knew her daughter would call and 5 mins. after we left, she called. The woman said that she didn't know why she was calling because she wasn't planning on ever calling again or talking to them, but she was holding the phone dialing the house number. It was weird for her and she really didn't say anything, but it made the grandma just ecstatic and she begged her to come home. Well, they are now waiting on the return of their daughter and the grandma told us that the Book of Mormon changed her that night and that real prayer did it. She now wants to go to church, be baptized and make us shawls. We are still waiting for her daughter to return, but will continue to have faith that she does.

We worked really hard this week to get more people back to this branch. Last week, there were about 24 people at church and this week there were 49 people at church. I was so excited! My comp and I are hoping that we can continue to have energy to visit people and bring them back. Our goal is to continue to double our numbers every week.

When I get home at night, I change my clothes, plan, and hit my pillow. Before I know it, 5 mins. later, my alarm goes off and I want to throw it against the wall, but I don't. I lovingly turn it off and brightly bounce to the shower happily singing a song while I get ready. lol Yeah right! I'm pretty sure I drag my dead body to the shower, sit at the bottom of it and bathe. I then turn on some music to take away my grumpy morning thoughts of ¨the sun's not even up and there are another 80 newly fat plump cockroaches on the counter.¨ Happy thoughts! lol Yep, being a missionary is really funny hard work. There are sad and good times, but I love it all and will continue to serve with all my heart until I am done.
love amanda