Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone!!!
Well I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving! So Thanksgiving was
fun! We had a full day of relaxing and devotionals. Elder Holland came
and spoke to us and so did Elder Oaks. It was amazing!!!! I loved
every bit of it and we got to do humanitarian projects. I loved it! So I
have been doing great! I am getting a little nervous now because we
should get our travel plans this week!!!! I can't wait! I am soooo
excited! Pray that my visa went through!!! Hopefully I will be in
Argentina for X-mas! Life is great! I have not been sick and that is a
miracle since everyone is getting the swine flu and other random things
that cause you to be in the bano for ever. So I took off my boot today
to see how I would be and I feel like I could fly! I hate the thing with a
firey passion of a thousand's a lot!!! It slows me down in
sports and is really obnoxious, but I am doing great! The doc should
get the X-ray scan thing back this week and tell me what is going on,
but I am very certain he will say I am fully'm just a

SO thanksgiving was really weird without my family. I was wanting to
eat all day long, watch fun movies, play cards and sing with everyone,
but I know you guys were having a blast and I wish I was there with you
to celebrate it. But I was there in spirit! Te agradecido por mi familia!!!
Mi familia es muy importante em mi vida!!! I love you all so much and
hope you know that you are in my prayers always and I talk about you
to everyone all the time. Well, I have to go. Thanks Josh and Lindsay
for the X-mas gift. It is awesome! I love the snowflakes! Why is it that
the woman always write more than the boys!!!! My own blood only writes
a few lines. lol Sisters teach my brothers how to write meaningful letters!
lol Well, I have to go. I love you all!

love amanda

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