Sunday, October 18, 2009

My First Hola from the MTC

I love it here! Honestly it is not bad at all, I don't know why everyone says that is is such an adjustment and that it is sooooo hard. Life is normal and they fill your days. And I have to admit it feels as if I have lived her for a week from all of the things we have learned. I know how to pray in Spanish, bear my testimony and communicate on a basic level in Spanish. And it is awesome! I figure if I learn about 20 words a day I will have learned around 2,000 words when I get out to Argentina. Spanish is coming along but I have to work at it, but very surprisingly easier than I anticipated.

Oh and I got sick! The second night I was here I was vomitting from 12:00 till 4:00am. Then the nurse gave me a shot that hurt bad!!! She put it in my hip and the pain shot all down my side but it knocked me out and took away my nausea, so that part was great. I am doing well now but I really haven't eaten anything. The doctor said it was most likely caused from stress.... hmmm ... I wonder why he would say that. LOL I never get stressed!!! LOL.

So, my companion is amazing, but a little forgetful. Well, she forgets where she puts things a lot, so I guess that would be spacey, LOL but she is very spunky, outgoing, pretty and SOCIALLY CAPABLE of communicating. Thank goodness for that! My other girls in the group are great, but the also tend to want to "one-up" one another so it makes me laugh. They always have a story if any girl has one to share that is always better than the first one, it really is funny. The last two girls in the room, well the poly girl is normal but the other girl is really, well, a horse of a different color shall we say. LOL She is an insomniac. She is always up before us and doesn't go to bed till after us, so she is dressed when we get up and just stares at us while we get ready and the night I was sick & was up all night, she was talking in her sleep half of the time. She was then hanging upside down on her bed the other half. It was funny!

I love you guys and hope to hear from you. I can get letters everyday but only email once a week. My mail is:
Sister Amanda Michaela Castillo
MTC Mailbox 269
ARG-SAL 1214
Provo, Utah 84604

I love you guys and miss you! I hope everyone is doing great. 
Keep me informed of what is new.

Write me or else!

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