Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Life @ the MTC is great! And better than what everyone has made it out to be! J There has been no adjustment. Life really feels very normal. For those of you that remember Brooke Deeme (Mine & Carly’s best friend: red hair in O’fallon) I ran into her within 5 minutes of being here! She has been here for a few weeks & is going to the mission right below mine in Mendoze, Argentina.

MY companion is amazing!!! She is so much fun. She loves to be active & is very socially normal J We will work on her Athleticism later…but bless her heart she’s really spunky!!

So the ladies are offered extra workouts in the morning @ 6:00, there are 6 different classes:

Pilates, Kickboxing, Tae-bo, Cycling, Sport performance, & Yoga!


Today at gym we played King of the Court (Volley ball – Dad – ask Denise or the boys). Anyway I spiked the ball & hit Elder (something – there are too many people in this gym) in the face & he had to go to the nurse for his bleeding nose! So…..that was interesting. Sad for him. Funny for everyone in the court with us & embarrassing for me. Now the elders are picking me FIRST instead of other elders on their team J.

Life is funny too…My Spanish teachers are great, but Hermano Martinez speaks too fast & his English is not great, so a lot of the time our class looks like a group of deer caught in headlights. Somehow I became the class scribe & put to sit in the hot seat, he always asks me to translate when he says something! (Ahhhhh! Curse my last name! LOL) EVERY Spanish sister & elder think I speak & automatically strike a conversation! I respond very basically & then run to catch up with my companion before they keep talking J. I’m picking it up though because it’s all I hear. Oh…and there are only 2 floors of sisters on the whole campus even though there are over 2200 (something) missionaries here! Wow! OK I have no time left. I can email next week so be ready. I love you guys so very much & look forward to hearing from you!

I love you,

Hermana Castillo

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