Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So this week was great! We have 2 families progressing and have 5 single people progressing as well. Also, we are now teaching a brother and a sister that we found last week and they both want to be baptized. All they need is their parent's permission and then they are good to go. So, we passed by the parent's house because before, they never wanted us to teach in their house, but their mom chatted with us for a while and invited us to her son's b.day party this Friday. This is the son that we are teaching, who is turning 9, and his sister is 13. She said that she wants to get to know us and a little about what we are teaching her son and daughter. She said that they both asked for church clothes for their next gifts and that they want to pray together every night as a family. Being Catholic, that was a shocker for the parents. So now they are curious about what is going with their kids and us. We normally teach them at their Aunt's house, which is next door. It's been great and they are really so sweet!

We also started working with the sister of one of our investigators that is getting baptized at the end of the month. She is 17, really bright and grasps everything. It is really fun to teach her! So anyway, she prayed this week about everything we have been sharing with her and she accepted our invitation to be baptized the same day as her sister. That will be amazing, but I'm not quite sure how we are going to pull that day off. We now have 5 people getting baptized that day! Well, in roughly a week and a half, I'm not really sure how the program is going to work. We still have to figure that one out.

I am giving a talk in church on Sunday about members, their responsibilities as members and how to succeed as a member. This is going to be great, but at the same time it's a little nerve racking. It's my first talk in the mission! Ahhhh! So I am just going to write it and hope that everything goes well and I will let you know next week. This ward has such great people that love to love the missionaries and have us eat forever, which you know is a huge plus for me.

So, I used a little bit of money to buy Raid so I can kill all the spiders in our pentions, which are a ton. We find about 3 a day and they are nice and fat, which means they have been happily living in our beds with us. I am very disgusted because some are big and brown, some giant black, and others a nasty puke color, which leads me into yet another spider story.

It's been unbearably hot here so we all sleep on the floor with our mattresses in the study room. I was halfway asleep when I felt something on my foot, which is sticking halfway out of the sheet with the other half of my body. I looked down and saw something giant and clearish-yellow. My first thought was that it had to be a dream because this thing was huge, but then it started crawling on my foot up my leg. I couldn't scream and all that came out was air. I flung my foot which started a chain reaction with my entire body of flinging my sheet and squirming to stand on my bed. It ended up waking up all of my comps and we began to search for this giant thing that I had seen. Well, during our scavenger hunt for it, we were looking on the floor and came next to the X-mas tree, which is about 2.5ft tall and is next to my bed. I'm pretty sure this tree has been there since the beginning of missionaries because it is very raggedy. lol Anyway, we were all next to the tree looking all around it when my comp screams and falls backwards. Her face was right next to the giant spider. Evidently during my spasm attack, which the spider caused, I flung it on the tree and it was resting on one of the ornaments. We caught it and measured it with a can. If you take the bottom of a can and look at it, this was the size of the spider. Picture it as a yellow-clear color. Yeah, that's right! Giant and ugly! So that is why I bought spray this week. I am sick of them and have probably shared my bed with them many a nights. lol Sick!

I love you all so much and talk about you all the time to my comp. We laugh a lot! I never realized, but my family is quite funny. lol
love amanda

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