Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Comp and a Baptism

So this week was great! I have a new comp who is awesome. She loves to work hard and is smaller than my last comp. lol (Yes, it's possible!) She is also from Peru, so understanding her Spanish was an easy transition. One Peruvian for another. lol

We have another baptism this weekend for our teenage investigator, Emmiliano, who is 16. He is the sweetest thing ever. He likes to draw and always has pictures for us, mainly of the soccer team here in Tucuman, San Martin. I think he is trying to sway our opinion of soccer teams. lol

So this week, we were teaching a lesson outside in the street when all of a sudden this old man, who was in the street walking, started to yell. As we looked up, we saw the last glimpse of a teenager hauling off around the corner. The kid had robbed this old man! He had reached into his pocket and took his wallet!!! The guts of this kid and he was freakishy fast!!! We instantly ran over to the old man and helped him over to the curb and began to ask him if he was alright and if he needed help home. He left angry and confused and so did we. Man, this was not an experience I want to watch again. This poor guy! My other comp told me that she always sees people getting robbed because they are in the really ritzy part of Tucuman and people always want to steal from the rich people. I am glad I am not in their area because I don't like seeing people getting robbed and not being close enough to be able to do anything.

So anyway life is going here. We have had rain off and on and I especially love it when it is ON!!!! Wow, what a nice break from the heat. I have to get going, but the work is great. We are working very hard and sleeping like rocks at the end of the night. I typically wake up feeling as though I slept for 4 hrs. lol But such is life! lol. As for the language, I'm kicking butt! I can fool 3/4 of the people here to believing that I am from Peru or Mexico. I talk a lot like my Peruvian comps, mainly because I study with them all day. lol I've got to go. I love ya tons and want to thank everyone for the emails.

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