Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stories of the Week: SPIDERS!!!

So, the story for the week is about spiders.  Yep, that's right, the thing
I hate most in this world next to Satan himself. LOL So I have been
feeling great this week. I am pretty much over the bad food problem,
I only have to use the bathroom every 2-3 hours instead of every 15
min. LOL So, we are studying in our pention and I get up to go get
my laundry from the line hanging out in the sunroom. I look up and
there is this huge spider. Well, I heard they were big, but I hadn´t
seen one yet, so if you take your middle and thumb finger and put
them together in a circle, that was the spider. I am gossed out
because it is huge and has a giant white back. I didn´t know why it
was so ugly, but there you go. So, I knock it off the ceiling and it
drops. We scream, of course because its a spider, and then I take
the broom handle and squish it.

Well this is the nasty part, it made a huge crunch noise, squirted
juices and THEN a hundred babies started to run from it! It was
pregnant!!!! Now we were really screaming, stomping our feet
everywhere trying to get them all, crunch here and crunch there. It
was so nasty! I mean REALLY NASTY! My comp ran into the kitchen
and vomitted in the sink and I started gaging. Oh, I hate spiders!!!!

After we cleaned everything up, we left the pension for an appt. with
an investigator. On the way, we had to go through some pretty tall
grass about waste high when we came to a little clearing (we were
walking in really lucious areas for creepy crawly things and snakes....
ewww) I saw somthing drop right in front of us off of a palm looking
tree. I got closer and screamed again and jumped back into my
companion knocking her into the mud. (Woops on my part, sorry)
But I had a good reason. On the ground was a GIANT MUTATED
SPIDER! It was the size of MY FIST!!!!!! It was giant and brown and
it just ran away into the grass. The same grass that we walk through
almost everyday!!!! AWWWW, Ya it's nasty and I hate spiders! So
that is the story for the week.

Oh yeah, Mom, the scripture that I like is Alma 26.22. It's how to be a
kick butt missionary. I love you all soo much and I know this work is
amazing and what God wants us all to do. We are all missionaries.
Be that example to everyone. Read Alma 26.35-36. I hope we all
feel this way!!!! I love you all and think about you all the time every
second of my day. After all, am I not doing this to bless families!! And
you are one of my biggest drives to work hard and diligently. I want
others to have what I have and to experience the joy, happiness and
peace of mind that this gospel gives!!! 3 Nephi 18.20-21 Keep me
updated on everything! Send pics.

love you


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